Mirshad Op-Ed at The Guardian: Grassroots groups hold Beirut together, yet big NGOs suck up the cash

Every person in Lebanon has probably been asked: “Where were you during the Beirut port explosion?” My response is always the same: I was here, in Beirut. On 4 August, when the explosion ignited our skies, I was here – fighting for my life as windows, doors, and buildings collapsed around me. I was still here [...]

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The Coalition For Women In Journalism Features Women Journalists Reporting on Beirut Blasts

During the recent Beirut explosions that killed more than 150 people and wounded thousands causing destruction of businesses, shops and newsrooms as well as tearing through homes, the Coalition For Women In Journalism, a global support network for women in journalism, featured, appreciated the hard work and extended its support to women journalists on the [...]

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