‘Shadow pandemic’ of violence against women to be tackled with $25m UN fund

The UN is to spend $25m (£19m) from its emergency fund to address what has been called the “shadow pandemic” of gender-based violence against women displaced by wars and disasters. The money will be divided between the UN population fund (UNFPA) and UN Women, and at least 30% of it must be given to women-led local [...]

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Mirshad Op-Ed at The Guardian: Grassroots groups hold Beirut together, yet big NGOs suck up the cash

Every person in Lebanon has probably been asked: “Where were you during the Beirut port explosion?” My response is always the same: I was here, in Beirut. On 4 August, when the explosion ignited our skies, I was here – fighting for my life as windows, doors, and buildings collapsed around me. I was still here [...]

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