Gender, Technology & the Future of Human Rights in a Digital Age

Hayat Mirshad took part in the Global NetHope 20th Anniversary Summit, where she joined pioneer panelists, Vanessa Ceia, Michael Borum and Vilas Dhar in a session organized and led by Oxfam, titled “Gender, Technology & the Future of Human Rights in a Digital Age”. Mirshad and other panelists discussed the trends and issues present at [...]

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Hayat Mirshad hosts two live sessions on online gender-based violence

Fe-Male's Co-director, Hayat Hala Mirshad, and within #ScreensDoNotProtect campaign, discussed online gender based violence in two Instagram live sessions reaching more than 150 viewers. The first live was with Nadine Welson Njeim and Rouba El Helou ,Researcher and University Lecturer, who provided women and girls with tips for protection online. In the second live, Mirshad [...]

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Hayat Mirshad member of the UN Women Youth Gender Innovation Agora

2020 will be a promising year for women's rights since it marks 25 years on the adoption of Beijing platform for action, 5 years since the Global Goals and 10 years anniversary of UN Women. Hayat Mirshad was part of Generation Equality campaign and Gender Innovation Agora, established by UN Women, along with a number of youth and gender equality advocates from the [...]

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The Lebanese women’s rights activist Hayat Mirshad: “We need a feminist revolution”

The efforts of the women's rights movement in Lebanon have remained unsuccessful for more than 70 years, says Hayat Mirshad, a member of the Democratic Women's Association. The blame lies with feminists' willingness to compromise, but also with women's rights organisations' hunt for sponsorship money. Juliane Metzker spoke to her in Beirut. What are the [...]

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Hayat Mirshad speaks in an online discussion titled “Identity, Gender, and Activism in MENA”

The premiere of WLP’s online Forum series explores the intersection of gender, identity, and activism, as experienced by five young activists and artists in the Middle East-North Africa region. Hailing from Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Morocco, and Yemen, the forum participants are driving forces for change in their societies – through art, public protests, journalism, and [...]

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