Hayat Mirshad was hosted at the International Feminisms Festival 2020 in Beirut, where she managed on the 29th of February a workshop on Sexism in Media Expressions, and she was a speaker on the 1st of March in a round table moderate by Joelle Abou Farhat on the role of women in the revolutions and the social movements nowadays along with Zoulikha Al Tahar from Algeria and Sawsan Zakzak from Syria. 

The International Feminisms Festival was organized by L’Institut français du Liban, The Joumana Haddad Freedoms Center, The Arab Institute for Women, Lebanon Support and l’Institut des sciences politiques de l’Université Saint-Joseph for the first time in the Middle East.

This festival is dedicated entirely to the history of women and the issues and challenges faced by them worldwide. It aims to prolong the engagement of women in the Arab world in the long term, which became more visible thanks to their engagement in the revolutions lately and on online platforms.

The programme entailed round tables, conferences, workshops, and a rich artistic programme from February 27 till March 1st.