Hayat Mirshad was part of shaping SheDecides’ emerging Theory of Change (ToC), as a member in the Movement Advisory Group (MAG), a temporary and voluntary group that played a consultative role in the SheDecides Theory of Change development process in July, August and early September 2020. The MAG has been formed with consideration of regional representation, representation of young people and having a diversity of perspectives to enrich the process. Several members of the SheDecides Guiding Group have committed to deeper engagement with this process and are also members of the MAG, to ensure continuity and additional insight.

The group convened in four virtual workshops discussing the below topics:

  1. Values and Principles – to develop consensus around a set of values and principles for SheDecides.
  2. Role of Champions – to understand the potential role Champions can play in the emergent proposition.
  3. Stand Up and Speak Out/Narratives and Norms – to understand what role SheDecides could play in shifting narratives and norms and engaging new audiences.
  4. Pathways Workshop – to bring together what has been learned through the process and discuss the proposed theory of change.

    About SheDecides: SheDecides is a global political movement driving change, fuelled by actions in communities, with young people at its heart. We are united by the belief in the right of every girl and every woman, everywhere, to make the decisions only she should make. We are committed to a world where SheDecides.