A wonderful stride for Lebanese women!

Lebanese feminist, activist, and journalist Hayat Mirshad has made it to BBC 100 Women for 2020, a carefully-curated list that compiles 100 of the most influential and inspiring women from all over the world every year.

In light of her fight for equal rights for young girls and women all over the country for years now, it is only natural for Hayat to be named on the list.

She is one of the pioneers of the current feminist movement in Lebanon, demanding change as loudly and boldly as can be.

Hayat is also the cofounder of Fe-Male, a pioneer feminist collective in Lebanon, and editor in chief of Sharika wa laken, a feminist online platform giving a voice to women’s issues.

Her work has been remarkable and her fight against the patriarchy is truly exemplary, and it’s wonderful to have such powerful faces representing Lebanon internationally.

Congratulations Hayat, well-deserved!

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