In an eight-minute video report, Hayat Mirshad portrayed the reality and struggles of women and girls not only in the Arab world, but across the globe.
Following naming her as one of BBC’s Top 100 Influencers, Mirshad’s activism and work towards advancing women’s rights and improving their statuses was highlighted in SkyNews نجاحهنّ Programme, which aims to shed light on the achievements of prominent female leaders from the MENA region. Throughout the episode, Hayat was firm in her statements: “There’s yet a lot to be done for women and girls in the region. The fight is still long, and I wish that the world truly knows why we are fighting, and why our causes are rightful”.
Inspired by Nawal Saadawi’s book “Woman and Sex”, Mirshad began her activism to inspire and try to change the lives of women and girls in her community and the region. Even though Mirshad recognizes that there’s a great deal of injustice and discrimination against women, and that human rights activists and defenders are still incapable of fully protecting women and girls, she strongly believes that perseverance and the accumulation of achievements, one after the other, will eventually lead to global strategic changes in policies and practices.