In her capacity as an advocacy and communications expert, Hayat Mirshad worked on a 4 months project with Legal Action Worldwide- LAW to support their efforts in enhancing and advancing the capacities of change-makers from marginalized backgrounds, through developing the capacities of 50 community advocates, from the LGBTQI+, migrant and stateless communities, on advocacy, communication, outreach and related topics.

Mirshad worked on developing interactive and engaging training content, agenda, and monitoring and evaluation tools.

The training content and agenda was focused on these thematic areas: understanding advocacy for social change and gender and human rights issues, developing campaigns’ plan including messages, goals, stakeholders, networking and evaluation, effective communication skills, use of mass and digital media in outreach especially when tackling topics related to protection, human rights, and gender equality, developing media plans and strategies, outreach tactics and techniques…


Attendees’ satisfaction was reflected in the feedback provided to the trainer and LAW team by the end of the training days. The overall percentage increase in knowledge and understanding of advocacy techniques and outreach methods among the participants across the three trainings ranged from 34.62% to 66.67%. The post-test scores indicated a significant improvement in participants’ knowledge and comprehension of the topics covered in the training sessions.


Quotes from the Participants:  

“Before this training I was shy to speak about being a stateless individual, now I feel that I have a cause and I want to openly advocate for my right”

“Previously I had a conception that advocacy is complicated and needs high expertise, this training made me believe in my capacity to be an advocate”

“The skills we gained about communication will help us in our outreach work”