Mirshad Moderates “Investing in Local Women Leaders on the Front Lines” Global Panel

Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund organized a global event on the sidelines of the United Nations Security Council Open Debate on Women, Peace and Security, highlighting the urgent need to amplify the voices and support more women working on the front lines of conflict and crises. This expert panel was moderated by Hayat Mirshad, Feminist [...]

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Murder of a Lebanese model reignites conversations about violence against women in the country

In Lebanon, officials and women’s rights groups have reported a dramatic increase in the number of domestic violence cases since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown restrictions in comparison to previous years. Below is a report for Aljadeed TV about one of the latest crimes against women and girls in the country, where [...]

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Going Beyond Hashtags: Young Women contributions to Peace and Security

The TuksRes Women in Leadership Academy (TRWLA) in partnership with the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP), organized ahead of the 20th anniversary of the UNSCR 1325 in October, an event titled “Going beyond hashtags: How are young women and men contributing to Women, Peace and Security implementation?”. Hayat Mirshad was one of the panelists, [...]

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Period Poverty: The New Reality For Women and Girls in Lebanon

A special interview on MTV about Fe-Male organization work on ground aiming to encounter the stigma around menstruation and fight period poverty in Lebanon, mainly through advocacy and distribution of hygiene and health kits for women in need in Beirut areas that were affected by the recent explosion in August 2020. Hayat Mirshad, Fe-Male's co-director, [...]

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The Coalition For Women In Journalism Features Women Journalists Reporting on Beirut Blasts

During the recent Beirut explosions that killed more than 150 people and wounded thousands causing destruction of businesses, shops and newsrooms as well as tearing through homes, the Coalition For Women In Journalism, a global support network for women in journalism, featured, appreciated the hard work and extended its support to women journalists on the [...]

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Online Advocacy Trainings and Mentoring targeting Iraqi Women Human Rights Defenders

For the second consecutive year, Hayat Mirshad cooperated with Internews within Aswatuna project in Iraq working on empowering women to participate equally as citizens and decision makers as a critical element of good governance and a fundamental prerequisite for peacebuilding, gender equality, and poverty reduction. Mirshad was the lead trainer and mentor of the project, [...]

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Facebook live session on Online Gender-Based Violence

Hayat Mirshad the guest of the Progressive Women Union, National Rehabilitation and Development Center and Farah Social Foundation on Facebook. A very interactive and interesting discussion hosted by Tatiana Skaff, where Mirshad spoke about Fe-Male organization recent work on combating online gender-based violence, ensuring women and girls cyber-security and safety and other aspects related to [...]

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Lebanese hold feminist march in Beirut

Hayat Mirshad speaking to AFP news agency about the #feminist march in #Beirut which saw thousand #women and #girls head out to join the larger protest in Downtown. This revolution is feminist, the patriarchy is deadly, the fight for LGBT rights, women’s rights, refugee rights, domestic workers rights it’s all one. We’re mad, and we’re here! #LebanonProtests

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